Abridged books

Abridged books

Do you read abridged (shortened) books to help you learn English? I find them too incomplete, but then again,it’s just me Šypsena.

What is your favourite book in English?

I had read only one book in english - "Uncle Tom’s children" last summerMirkt

english school book was the best english book Juokiasi

It’s a very good idea to start with those because the language there is usually clear and easy to understand . step by step you can move to a higher level and start reading original editions. (It’s just my experience)

Yep, I agree. The best abridged book is "How to Be an Alien" Šypsena

I’ve never heard about it? Who is the author?

It’s by George Mikes, the complete version is called "How To Be a Brit". It make fun of Brits (subtly though Mirkt) with very accurate ebservations, but even Brits enjoy reading it.

It’s really funny.

Is it fun to be a brit? Nekaltas

I don’t know, I never tried Mirkt. Maybe.

I did not either. However, it should be fun Cha cha