About men and women jobs in Lithuania...

About men and women jobs in Lithuania…Drovus

1)What jobs are specific only to men ant only to women in Lithuania ???2)Do man or women have more chances to make a career in this country ???whay ???Drovus

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Traditionally, school teachers are female, and there are very few male teachers in schools. Engineers are mostly male. Nurses are mostly female.

Hey! I have written a topic on these questions (few months ago)! Taip And i got 10 Laimingas So, in my view, specific jobs for women are nurse and teacher, becouse if you want to do these jobs, you must be very kind and sociable. Also, women usually like to do jobs asociated with fashion and beuty, such as hairdresser or cosmetologist. Anyway, there are some jobs suitable only for men, for example, soldier and guardman, becouse you ned a big physical force to do them. Moreower, men often are interesed in transport, techniques and modern technologies, so they become drivers, pilots, engineers and computerists. Šypsena

nde… didesnio mastymo stampais dar reiktu paieskot Nekaltas

olo, i think statistical point of view here is what is needed (and expected) Laimingas (or perhaps Žliumbia ) whole another turn would be that people in the professional fieds, where they statistically are rare (like men in hairdressing) usually are much better than “mainstream” gender.

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