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Maybe it because he is esom

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2019-04-15 12:05 1 žinutė iš 2 Atsakyti forume: visiem Atsakyti privačiai: Rskingdom Įtraukti Rskingdom Į adresų knygelę
I have gotten to the point where I don't really care about silver chests anymore however there is a problem whenever I get a pursuit that provides a gold torso or higher and that is that my torso storage is capped so whenever I get one I would either have to cover to open it directly, pay for more chest area or give the chest up. I would very much like to provide up a silver chest for the gold chest but I can't, as you can not discard chests. I want a option to sell or discard chests. So that you could gather up a wood chests to open in between the silver chests and decreasing the silver chest timer out of 3 hours into 1 hour would be quite ideal.

Yes you don't get loot immediately as you would in most pc/console matches ) but this is a portable game that you mostly play during excessive time (during breaks, before going to bed maybe, bathroom room visits, commuting to jobs ) so having some wait time in between should not be much of a problem unless you would like to play constantly, which you can, it merely restricts you somewhat with the waiting mechanic. I have played other mobile games in which you can only open specific chests or packs if you a superior subscription participant and also then you usually have to cover with more in-game premium money to open up the packs and chests, the chests from The Elder Scrolls Blades is rather moderate in comparisson.

I get he is new but you're supposed to strike much quicker than he is and once you swipe from say right to left to be able to slash you hold it down and swipe from left to right to earn a combo attack that does more damage and you strike more often so that you boost your dps. Maybe it because he is currently using a greatsword and that is slower? I have only used one handed weapons using a shield and I've had no problems killing many oponents (except the eldest **king trolls, Jesus I despise them) I can't imagine being so bad off you can't kill any critters in the jobs and being unable to repair your gear.
more in :https://www.mmogo.com/Esom/Items.html

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2019-04-15 19:09 2 žinutė iš 2 Atsakyti forume: visiem Atsakyti privačiai: Krachaboras Įtraukti Krachaboras Į adresų knygelę
rašyk valstybine kalba.

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