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Kaip pasigamint snieglente?

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Atsakyti Kitos temos Nauja tema Temą 2006 02 05 d. 19:59 pradėjo  Sonatux, peržiūrėta 4047 k.
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2006-02-05 19:59 1 žinutė iš 8 Atsakyti forume: visiem Atsakyti privačiai: Sonatux Įtraukti Sonatux Į adresų knygelę
siek tiek girdejau apie snieglenciu daryma bet nedaug, gal kas daretes? ar turit kokiu patarimu kaip geriau daryti?

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2006-02-06 14:47 2 žinutė iš 8 Atsakyti forume: visiem Atsakyti privačiai: Ninochka Įtraukti Ninochka Į adresų knygelę

Sonatux rašė:
siek tiek girdejau apie snieglenciu daryma bet nedaug, gal kas daretes? ar turit kokiu patarimu kaip geriau daryti?

Bet ar apsimoka ja daryt? Plastmasines pigios..

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2006-04-29 22:30 3 žinutė iš 8 Atsakyti forume: visiem Atsakyti privačiai: Zieziune Įtraukti Zieziune Į adresų knygelę

Sonatux rašė:
siek tiek girdejau apie snieglenciu daryma bet nedaug, gal kas daretes? ar turit kokiu patarimu kaip geriau daryti?

bl taigi ne akmens amziuj gyvenam,snieglenciu parduotuvese kaip prisikta..gal gheriau nusipirk,o tai su savadarbe dar spranda nusilausi ble....

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2006-04-30 20:49 4 žinutė iš 8 Atsakyti forume: visiem Atsakyti privačiai: swajia Įtraukti swajia Į adresų knygelę
PavargęsPavargęsPavargęspati gaminsiesi... geriau nusipirk...ir grazesne bus ir kokybiskesneTaip...o beto db pawasaris...kam tau snieglente?JuokiasiBaisu


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2006-05-01 12:37 5 žinutė iš 8 Atsakyti forume: visiem Atsakyti privačiai: ashakaa Įtraukti ashakaa Į adresų knygelę
nuo skeito ratukus nusikinek Valio

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2006-12-15 13:38 6 žinutė iš 8 Atsakyti forume: visiem Atsakyti privačiai: tiltaz Įtraukti tiltaz Į adresų knygelę
va kaika inete radau kaip pasidaryt,bet angliskai

Snowboard Construction :: How To Make a Snowboard
by Monson Snowboards

Snowboard Types
There are two types of snowboard construction. The first is Capped snowboards, this is where the top sheet is pinched over the sides of the snowboard meeting the steel edge. the second is the traditional sandwich construction, recognizable by its sidewall. Each type of board is constructed the same with exception to modifications to some tooling.

When you look at a snowboard, it appears to be a technical yet simple product. It requires key element materials that have been acquired from various parts of the world. The designs are from the efforts and management of many people in key locations constantly riding and pushing the envelope. Making the finished product takes skill and care and requires special equipment and tooling that has been researched and developed.

Snowboard Ingredients

Snowboards are made with eight main materials:
Top sheet with printed graphic
Fiber glass
Wood Core
Steel Edges
Resin System (Glue)
Rubber Foil
Carbon fiber can be added along with other performance enhancing materials.

From Start to Finish

It's always fun to start with a graphic design. The artwork can be created in various formats, however the most common is Adobe Illustrator/Photo Shop/Draw/etc. Once the design is complete then it is printed onto the top sheet through a sublimation process. (The image is burned into the plastic scratch resistant top sheet material. )

Now its time to start preparing all the materials !

We start by vertically laminating a variety of wood (improves strength and torsion rigidity.) The wood is then cut by a computer navigated cutting machine to the exact dimensions that the board will be formed around. Once the wood is cut, we place the inserts into their predetermined holes. The inserts are what you secure your bindings to.

The wood core is a central part of the board. The core is the element around which the rest of the board is built. The core's shape affects flex and weight. Wood is a good material to use as a core because of its vibration-absorbing characteristics. Wood consists of long fibers that transmit high-frequency vibrations along the board's length; these vibrations help reduce suction between the base and the snow, improving glide. Wood also has less chatter than foam or plastic.

Inserts are used to secure the bindings to the board. Made of stainless steel and integrated directly into the wood core. In a standard 4x4 pattern to allow stance adjustments. Our standard thread/screw dimension is a metric 6mm.

Conditioning and Preparation room

The next step is the conditioning and preparation room, where the base material is cut to size and the steel edges are properly attached. This is to ensure that the steel edge will not move while being pressed under extreme pressure. This is also a good time to cut the fiberglass and rubber foil to length which will be placed on the top and bottom of the wood core.

Steel Edges are around the perimeter of the snowboard base. These edges assist in turning and controlling speed while helping prevent slipping and sliding on the snow and ice.

Fiberglass is used over and under the wood core to increase stiffness and keep the board from deforming. Fiberglass can be used in several layers, and allows for the correct properties meanwhile keeping the board light. We use a tri-axial lay-up orienting the fiberglass at 0, 45, and -45°. Rubber foil is used to protect the resin system from "spider webbing" around the steel edges (like a cracked windshield on a car) that can occur from collision or extreme vibration.

Upon final inspection and organization of materials, its time to mix the resin system which typically is a two part resin (resin & hardener). In other words, once you mix it, you have a certain amount of time to use it before the hardener starts hardening the resin. This is the "glue" that holds the materials together.

This specially formulated two part epoxy resin system is an adhesive to bond all of the parts of the snowboard. Also used to saturate the fiberglass which makes the glass rigid. The correct resin formula is important so that excellent adhesion may be accomplished. The resin system along with proper material preparation is the key to a boards structural integrity. While providing flex and dampening characteristics.

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2006-12-15 13:42 7 žinutė iš 8 Atsakyti forume: visiem Atsakyti privačiai: tiltaz Įtraukti tiltaz Į adresų knygelę
va tesinys to darymo.manau uzsiknisi be darant.gal ir nepasidarysi.gal geriau maximoj palauk zieminiu prekiu ispardavimo ir nusipirk uz 200lt,jai neturi pinigu

Once the resin is mixed, all of the materials are placed in an aluminum tooling, in a specific order, while consistently applying resin on each piece and on all sides of the materials. This guarantees proper adhesion. Kind of like making a club sandwich that consists of many layers.

The materials and tooling now goes into a press. That's right the aluminum tooling with all the materials we just laid together, is placed in a pressing machine. While under extreme pressure, the temperature is also important for the resin to cure properly and in a timely manner (approximately 15 minutes). This process is what presses all of the materials together and forming the tips and tail as well as the camber in the snowboard. It also evenly disburses the resin equally throughout the board.

Once the pressing is complete, the tooling is removed and goes through a cooling process. Once cooled, the board is removed from the tooling and all the excess hardened resin and fiberglass is cut off. It continues to go through a finishing process. This finishing process includes edge grinding, base grinding, drilling out the inserts and stone finishing.

Edge grinding
We run the snowboard along a water cooled edging machine which removes all excess materials as well as creating the angle or pitch that the edge is intended to be. The angle is often 90º. The smaller the angle, the more aggressive the performance of the snowboard. The base side edge is usually prepared in a slightly inclined way (0.5º to 1º inverted) to improve the ease of turning of the board. The side edges are relief-ground up to 86º
depending on the style of riding.) Now that the edges are clean, we are ready to grind the base.

The base material, during the pressing process, accumulates resin that has now hardened on the base and needs to be removed. The board is run through the grinding machine (a large water cooled sanding machine using a 14" wide sanding belt.) Each pass a new belt with a softer grit is used. This begins to polish the base. The board is passed through until it is determined the base is free from resin and any rough spots.

Texturing the base with our stone grinder. There are two types of structure: linear structure / crossed structure. The base surface of snowboards should be structured during production in the factory. Specialist sports shops also transfer a structure onto the surface during stone file tuning.

Why structure?
Structure reduces the friction between the snow and the running surface. The surface should not be completely flat because this would cause a vacuum effect that would impair gliding characteristics. An extremely fine, almost smooth structure is recommended for dry, crystalline snow, while a coarser structure should be selected for amorphous wet snow.

Because lasting structures can only be formed using a special grinding machine, this should be carried out in a specialist shop. There are, of course, also universal structures that are suitable for all snow types. These are used for many bases because most of us do not know what the slopes are going to be like the next time we go riding and we do not want to change our base structure too often.

Ready to wax! WAXING THE BOARD (Our factory uses Toko wax)
Why do we need to wax in the first place? A wide-spread opinion states that waxing is no longer necessary with today's high-tech board bases - this is, however, incorrect.

Whoever waxes correctly and regularly, glides better, thus making the board easier to control. Swinging becomes more harmonious and the boarder tires less quickly. The risk of an accident is reduced and both the pleasure and enjoyment of the sport can be easily increased.

Waxed bases are also more resistant, i.e. the useful life of the equipment is prolonged and the risk of minor damage to the base that disturbs the riding performance is reduced. Even boards that are not used are subject to oxidation through UV radiation, oxygen and environmental influences. You can use wax to protect your equipment from this - also during transport, in particular, or the summer break. (Information provided by TOKO, a leader in wax.)

After a final inspection is made, its now time to mount the bindings and head for the mountain!

Pure Enjoyment!

In the Research and Development Department at Monson Snowboards, experiments are constantly underway to develop new or improved products. All materials are carefully inspected by quality control specialists and we test all machines before processing to make sure that every group of snowboards passes our inspections. Each Monson snowboard is designed and manufactured by hand for pure enjoyment. In addition, each group of snowboards are tested during the processing operation to ensure the finest quality.
Monson Snowboards are manufactured in our factory in Montclair, CA in a controlled environment, air-controlled rooms and are closely monitored to meet the company's high standards of quality.

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2020-03-20 10:26 8 žinutė iš 8 Atsakyti forume: visiem Atsakyti privačiai: LaurendeSouza Įtraukti LaurendeSouza Į adresų knygelę
Thanks a lot for sharing here ingredients and steps to making snowboards. Keep sharing other post on different topics.
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